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Some of Our Past Projects

We Specialize in Residential Wastewater Treatment System Design and Installation

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Emigration Canyon

Failed Drainfield

Clients often approach Alternative Onsite Solutions when a conventional septic system fails. In this case, the entire system failed and needed to be redesigned and upgraded to meet current code.


Moose Hollow, Park City, UT

Upgrading a failing system with minimal landscape disturbance

One of the more technical jobs that we have done. Two 1500 gallon concrete tanks were required and had to be lifted down over 40 feet. We were also able to install the drainfield in two sections in order to preserve the old growth trees and scrub oak.

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Midway, UT

Estate home on the Provo River

This system is one that we are very proud of. It is within 1000 ft from the Provo River. We take great pride knowing that the water coming out of our treatment systems is clean and does not pollute groundwater.