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Machine holding septic tank for installation

AOS Installations

Premier planning meets exceptional workmanship

Final Grade septic system install Heber, Utah

With over 20 years of experience installing waste water treatment systems for every kind of application, from small backyard septic drain field projects to complex mountainside estate alternative septic systems, we’ve learned that using the best quality parts, systems, and equipment reduces problems and failures down the road. That’s why we’ve compiled the equipment and stockpiled our inventory with the parts and tools that are meant to last, this ensures that we can quickly, efficiently, and non-invasively get your wastewater system installed and operating promptly.


Match superior planning, tools, and equipment to our reputation with Wasatch, Summit, Salt Lake, and Utah Counties health departments as being the preeminent planners, designers, and installers of wastewater systems. You can reset assured your system will be skillfully installed to properly pass and exceed all county inspections and code requirements.

After we've left, you’re not forgotten about.

Decades of worry free operation is what every AOS system is designed to do, from the planning and design stage all the way through final installation, to being connected to our online monitoring system. Don’t settle for knock off systems with no monitoring, installed by fly by night contractors just to save a few bucks. That’s a recipe that will only leave you with future failures, problems, and headaches… the perfect wastewater treatment system comes together with Alternative Onsite Solutions with you every step of the way.

Check out some of our Completed Projects page for some examples of our work.

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