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Hands in the Soil


Several factors determine if a lot is buildable, but most often the perc test is the most important factor and the go-to for both realtors and banks to determine if a lot can be feasibly built on.


The perc test is a test that determines the soils ability to absorb water. A hole is opened up in the soil, and water is placed in the hole for several hours to determine how much water the soil can take over a given period of time. Typically the test lasts two days. In sandy soils the test may be done in one day. Soils that have extreme drainage properties such as sandy soils that drain too fast, or clay soils that don’t drain water at all may require an alternative system.


Most soils in Northern Utah will be suitable for some type of septic system. If the perc test is done properly, it is fairly rare that the perc test will “fail” to the point it makes the lot unbuildable. AOS has conducted thousands of perc tests and conducts several tests each and every week. Owner Ben Witt conducts each and every test, this is one part of the company where the work is not delegated to anyone else.


The perc test is the basis for the entire design and every other part of the system. A test conducted improperly can result in an undersized system which will prematurely fail, or an over sized system that requires thousands of dollars in unnecessary expense. We know soils, and will be able to make sure that the soils are yielding the results that we would anticipate.

Don't waste time and money on a lot that just won't perc.
Find out first if the lot has: 

​When planning for a perc test for a septic drain field an ideal situation would be a large flat area, with deep topsoil, and no open or ground water present. If that sounds like your lot? Great! Your lot is likely to perc, click here to schedule your perc test or fill out the form below. 

If your lot doesn't meet these criteria, unfortunately, your lot is highly unlikely to pass a perc test. Luckily, we specialize getting approvals on several properties where others have not been able to. Plus, as our name suggests, there are many alternative solutions that may fit your needs. We're the premier company in Utah for alternative waste treatment solutions! Check out our page for alternative systems here instead. 

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