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Septic Design

Getting the perfect plan for your unique property makes permitting a breeze.

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Worry-free designs with proven, tested technology.  

The purpose of a septic design is to provide an accurate reference tool for use throughout the permitting and installation process.  An effective design will reflect the best choices in layout, system functionality and cost.  The design is the cornerstone of the septic planning process.

Erroneous designs can lead to faulty installations, violations and expensive remedies. The health department’s challenge is to verify that each design is accurate on paper and in the field before the design is approved and the permit is issued.  Plan review is the process in which these errors are discovered before they become “real world” problems.

With 22 years of experience in septic design and working with government regulators to get projects and infrastructure permitted, we can solve the problems no one else can.


We have done countless projects from Salt Lake County to Wasatch County at sites with limited space, bedrock, shallow water table, close proximity to open water, river bank lots, steep slopes, expanding clays, soft sands, and every other problem in between. That's because we aren't limited to just standard septic systems.  We utilize the very best, most high-end technology on the market today. Working closely with local health departments we have found solutions for some of the most difficult properties in the state.


All our designs are done using CAD (computer automated drafting) and we can easily coordinate with surveyors, architects, and engineers.  All drafting is done in house, meaning we can quickly and easily make changes.  Several of our competitors are using pencils and rulers, which limits how accurate their plans are, it limits their ability to explore options on difficult lots, it makes their work very hard to coordinate with other professionals such as architects.  We have a few people that outsource the drafting of their designs, which means any time a change is made it can take days to get the change drawn up.


Drone shots are incorporated into our design plans, this is incredibly helpful for real-time updates to the lot and help the owner visualize the layout.  Drone shots are also super useful during construction because the site and layout can change substantially from the plans.  Being licenced to design and install allows us to make changes to the plans on site at the time of installation when necessary.


Plus, our systems are designed and installed to be maintated not just replaced, saving you tens of thousands in the long run. Not the mention the hassle of digging up your yard to remove an inferior system. 

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